Young Man’s Guide to Life by Tom Langdale

This is Tom’s first book, published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
(19 Feb. 2010)

Knowledge gives strength to maximise potential

Young men need important life information and guidance, to build their confidence and self esteem. The aim of this book is to offer that support during the development process from adolescence to young adult, to help reduce confusion and anxiety.

Information on Young Mens Issues

This book provides the important building blocks of knowledge that they will need to successfully navigate through the pitfalls of youth, covering many areas which could cause concern: how to respond to family and friends, coping with the emotional ups and downs of being young, the dangers which life can present, anger management, depression, confusion and how to cope with life and its choices.

Growing up with Less Stress

Knowing how to be safe in their activities, both physically and mentally, will help them to get the best out of their young lives and to enjoy it to the full.

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Book Overview

Living With Parents: Understanding  your Relationship with your parents, Maximising and using their knowledge. Banks and Banking for the young man-teenager, How to Handle Credit cards, Avoiding a criminal record

Living With Friends: Renting property, Accommodation Location, Understanding, fair mindedness and behaviour when sharing.

Living on Your Own: Costs, freedoms and responsibility, Borrowing money, Buying a House, Budgeting, Conveyance, Insurance, Letting spare rooms.

Caring For Yourself: Knowing how to take care of yourself, Mind and body, Cooking for the single man, Cleaning yourself and where you live.

Self Esteem: How to feel good about yourself, Emotional changes, Shyness, Education, Peer approval.

Confidence: Building success and self belief, Personalitybuilding, Social awareness.

Sex and Sexuality: Self awareness of your sexuality, gay or straight, guide lines on how to approach girls and your first sexual experience.

A Cry For Help: Emotional support and coping with anxiety, How to cope with bullying, anger management, Understanding depression and suicidal thoughts and actions.

Work: Career choices for young men, University and what to study, On the job training, self employment.

Entertainment: How to have fun safely, concerts, eating out, Alcoholism.

Holidays: What to do and where to go, and being aware of the dangers.

Fashion: Choosing what suits you, clothes, hair, shoes, without becoming a fashion victim.

Sport: Keeping fit and enjoying sporting activity, self discipline needed.

Help Lines: Samaritans, Child Line, NHS Direct, USA Crisis Centre, Gay and Lesbian switchboard, Mental Health Foundation, and many more.

Other books to read: Help book for boys, Information books that suits your choices, Teenage Literature

Buy Now

You can buy the book on Amazon, RRP £6.99 - Kindle version £4.99


Tom’s book covers everything you could imagine a young man would need to know and he has set it out in a very clear way, looking at both the practical and emotional aspects of life for young men.

I’m sure this book will make a real difference to those who have the chance to read it.

Director East Surrey Samaritans